Sweet & Soulful!

Dawna grew up in a musical home with a Daddy: Johnny Hammers, who played Jazz & dixiland on tenor sax & clarinet.  He taught Dawna to really listen to music and exposed her to some of the best songwriters such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holliday and Carlos Jobim.  Dawna was Daddy's little girl and always went with him to visit his musician buddies, mostly drummers. Her father was also a pharmacist. Dawna's mother: Elaine Flood, was a tap dancer and nurse. She was also Irish so Dawna learned to naturally sing at a very young age and used to sing around the house all day long!  In her teens her older sister; Leslie Ann Flood "Lassie", turned her onto James Taylor and Carole King. From then on Dawna started writing songs on the old upright piano in the cellar and would listen and sing along to records in her room for hours and hours. Dawna continued to study music at Weymouth South High School where she won the "Choral Award." She also attended Berklee College of Music for one year studying voice and piano and joining the jazz choir.  Dawna then joined a band that her mother named; "Polaris" just before she died in 1979.  Then Dawna decided to embark on her solo career as a songwriter and continued to study music and spirituality, studying with amazing Native American and African American spiritual teachers such as The Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo of the Cherokee/Buddhist traditions and World renouned, Nigerian Master Drummer; Babatunde Olatunji.  Dawna has spent years singing for local community groups, schools, political rallies, powwows, spiritual services as well as in clubs, coffeehouses, concerts throughout New England.  She has also been teaching music and private piano & voice lessons to children of all ages and was also the director of her kids singing group; "Dawna & the Dreamers" and her intergenerational, international choir; "The World Unity Choir in Burlington, VT.  Dawna is an amazing recording artist. She has produced or 3 cassettes & 6 cd's of her original music.  Her recordings are all very special and unique. Dawna is currently working on several new cds and wants to bring her music to a much wider audience. 

Dawna Hammers is a musical medicine woman who has such a healing voice and messages for all people!  The time is now for Dawna to rise and shine!

Dawna's new "Alive Falmouth 2020" video now on YouTube!