Private Lessons & Classes

Dawna has been teaching privately and in schools for many years. She makes music both fun and educational.  Dawna passes on both the knowledge and the joy of music to all her students of any age!  Sign up now for 

                                          New Fall Classes at Woods Hole Community Hall start THIS WEEK!

Dawna & the Dreamers  

Dawna’s kids chorus for ages 7-12 Dawna is looking for a new crop of Dreamers! This amazing kids chorus started over 25 years ago. We sing & perform song about love, diversity, dreams & the Earth for our Elders our community and the world!    Sat. 1-3pm 6 Sessions  Oct. 15-Nov. 19   Ability to sing on pitch & keep a beat required $15 per session  $75 for series + $25 for cd & lyric book

Call or  Email Dawna at to sign up! Tell your friends!  

If you would like to donate to sponsor a child who can't afford to pay please contact me!

Chant, Drum & Dance!  Learn simple, beautiful contemporary & original chants, rhythms and dances.  Feel the spirit & joy of our unity!  Perform them safely outdoors to help heal ourselves, our Earth & our community!                                   Fri. 7 -9 pm  Oct. 14 - Nov. 18

$15 per session $75

Call or  Email Dawna at to sign up! Tell your friends!  


Let’s Make Music!  An intergenerational song circle that is both educational and fun! Dawna magically weaves simple songs, rhythms and dances throughout the seasons for families to experience and enjoy together!

Sat. 11am-12pm  6 week session

Oct. 15-Nov. 19  All ages & abilities Welcome!! 
$15 per session $75

World Unity Choir  "Calling all Angels of the Earth!" An international, intergenerational choir which sings Dawna's inspiring original songs about World Unity as well as many Civil Rights songs.    Must be able to sing "on pitch"

Thurs. 7-9pm Oct13-Nov.17

Here are other classes that Dawna is Happy to lead!

Songwriting  Come learn about all the ingredients it takes to write a good song!  Any one can do it.  No musical or instrument experience is necessary. Dawna will share her power of self-expression through songwriting with you. 

Elder Sing Along Studies show that singing is good for the brain.  It also lowers blood pressure, stress levels, increases blood flow & oxygen levels, help the memory & it's FUN!  Dawna will masterfully lead all the old familiar favorites! 

Intergenerational Story & Song Young & old gather round, listen to the elders & join in song!  

Private Lessons Piano, Voice, Recorder & Hand Drumming  $30 per 1/2 hr / $40 per hr. 

Quotes from Parents

“Dawna Hammers is a great music teacher. Her Circle of Sound groups are so much fun for the children.  Everyone has an opportunity to participate no matter the age.  The grownups are even welcome to join in. My 10 year old  Granddaughter is absolutely mesmerized by her. She has also had private lessons at our home. Singing with Dawna has helped so much with her speech impediments. I would recommend Dawna to any parent."  Barbara Kimball

“Just wanted to let you know that Ian played the Toccata beautifully today.  Everyone was so impressed - as were Glenn and I.  It was somewhat emotional for me to see my bouncy, wiggly, hard to focus son up there playing so beautifully.  Thank you so much for sticking with Ian and believing in him!  We are very grateful.” Kelly & Glen Story
“Lucas is totally enjoying learning from you and I think you are doing an amazing job with him. Thank you.”  Lori Roberts
“Thanks so much for your flexibility. You have been a great influence on JC. You teach him as much with who you are as you do with what you know”  Mathew Winston
"Dawna has been teaching our 7 and 9 year old sons for about 9 months.  She was their first teacher and has succeeded in making them really enjoy playing the piano.  She works with each child to understand their personality and structure her approach to make it fun and productive for the child.  She does not have a "one size fits all" cookbook approach.  My wife and I were most pleased when we noticed that our sons would gravitate to the piano on their own to play when they wanted to relax”  Doug and Lisa Merrill

"Thank you so much for coming to our Multiculteral Event. Your participation added an additional level of quality. Your songs were amazing & the kids & adults were really drawn to your efforts & spirit. Thank you for being so generous with your time."  
Tina Toran: The Coalition for Children, Falmouth Public Schools


"Music helps us communicate in our families & our communities"  Don Campbell, Sound Healer
           "Music is the only thing that activates all parts of the brain!"  






Dawna's new "Alive Falmouth 2020" video now on YouTube!